Communities create spaces and spaces create community – hence the idea of “Making space”. Chemnitz residents were asked to come up with ideas for repurposing unused spaces or areas by 31 March. The top five suggestions will be picked in an online vote, and the residents themselves involved in their implementation in 2019.

In total, we have received 25 project ideas, which are currently being reviewed by the relevant offices to check that there aren’t any obstacles to them, in relation to local planning regulations, for example, or ownership rights.

Once the review process is finished, you will be able to vote online in the spring at

A budget of €2,025 will be available per area, an amount that will make it both possible and necessary for people to be proactive. The aim is to create a community project that brings together people with many different talents.

Every year from now on, the same process will apply: five new places to be revamped – that’s at least 25 new areas by 2025, ideally right across the entire city. Some permanent, some perhaps only temporary – but each one a commitment to community and enjoyment, an expression of the city’s creativity and get-up-and-go, a symbol of #2025TogetherOutside