We are in the second round of the German selection process for the European Capital of Culture 2025. One aspect in favour of the jury’s vote was the broad participation of the people of Chemnitz in the application process. For example, more than 50 micro-project ideas from the city society have been financially supported to date. The application period for the sixth round of funding ended on 31 March – it is also the first in the second round.

About 50 applications have been received. The topics are for example day festivals of various genres cross-disciplinary exhibitions, city history, workshops, art and theatre in public spaces, sports ideas and publications.

The creative minds’ desire for new formats and forms of expression, the examination of city-relevant issues and a wide range of offers is still great, and in times of cultural stagnation it has even grown. For this reason, the funding round should be concluded without delay.

Now the project applications will go to the jury of Chemnitz residents, which was appointed by the programme council of the application. The micro-project submitters will be informed at the beginning of May. The project funds will be provided by Chemnitz2025 and Klub 2025, an association of the economy to support the application.