Chemnitz 2025 – DAS Konjunkturprogramm

If we win the title “European Capital of Culture 2025”, it is DAS economic stimulus package for Chemnitz. What we invest now in this victory will be paid back as profit for more than 10 years. This victory will give the city and the region new, positive energy.

  • Alles beginnt ab 28.10.2020, dem Tag des Sieges.

  • First curious people immediately make their way to Chemnitz.

  • In 2025, about 2 million people will travel here, that is about 40,000 guests per week. Leeuwarden was Capital of Culture in 2018.
    The Dutch city with 100,000 inhabitants, even counted 5 million guests.

  • Sales in shops, caf├ęs, restaurants and hotels are rising. Winning cities of comparable size have recorded additional revenues of between 150 and 500 million euros.

  • This creates more jobs, so wages can rise.

  • This positive development will keep young people in the region.
    They are not going to Dresden, Leipzig or Berlin.

  • Opportunities for you: Economic security and social justice, cultural opportunities for many interests and a new strength.

With your support we can make this a resounding success. A success that makes Chemnitz stronger. It’s great to have you with us.

Positive effects through Capital of Culture

LINZ 2009


The title of Capital of Culture has created more than 4,600 jobs in Upper Austria alone.



Acceleration of structural change towards a knowledge-based economy
(creative, digital, networked).



More than twice as many visitors as expected brought record revenues and sustainable tourism effects.



The application as a region was successful, finally there was not only Copenhagen. The income was three times the costs.