50000 people celebrated an open and colorful city. Protagonists from the fields of culture, sport, business and civil society provided music, art, theatre, performances, discussions, fair play, a good mood – and a wonderful easiness in the city at over 40 different locations.

A big thanks to everyone who attended – especially to Bruno Inácio from Faro, Portugal. The director of the cultural office and the application Faro2027 shared with us his enthusiasm for rooftops: as places of togetherness. Whether gardening, culture events, meeting neighbors or generating electricity – Bruno not only reported on the first edition of the Açoteia – Faro Rooftop Festival, but also brought examples from all over Europe. And now we are sure: Chemnitz2025 has to move to rooftops.

Especially in Chemnitz we have a lot of rooftops, but it has not yet been thought about their potential. So if anyone has ideas for making use of these rooftops, we are curious to learn about them. Because we think that such a change of perspective – a view from above on Chemnitz – could become quite exciting.

The guests of our discussion at Kosmos Chemnitz were immediately in a rush of height – and maybe with this panel we have actually initiated a creative process for dealing with free space on buildings. We stay tuned.


Fotos: Kristin Schmidt, Bruno Inácio (privat)