KOSMOS Chemnitz is a festival for democracy. In 2021, however, it is to be expanded into a virtual platform for cultural, civic and democratic engagement. A platform on which social issues can be negotiated throughout the year.

Nevertheless, several small events will take place in Chemnitz in presence until July 2022.
In addition, formats will be developed for the virtual platform and played out directly via the existing social media channels of KOSMOS CHEMNITZ and the website. These include live musical sessions, journalistic video formats, but also virtual exhibition formats and much more.

As a participatory festival, everyone can and should remain part of KOSMOS Chemnitz.

But there is more to it than that: KOSMOS CHEMNITZ aims to become one of the truly important European events in the future, linking music, culture and politics. It grows with the community. And with the ideas that arise within it.

The festival’s goal is for the people of Chemnitz to increasingly see themselves as Europeans and for the European visitors to see themselves a little bit as Chemnitzers. KOSMOS CHEMNITZ is to become KOSMOS EUROPE – as it is already described in the BID BOOK II. With its annual presence, it will also shape the path to the European Capital of Culture 2025.