Chemnitz raises its flag: With the Kulturhauptstraßen (Capital of Culture Streets) , local shops & associations, entrepreneurs & citizens, streets & entire quarters shows that they support our application.

The launch was celebrated at the end of June by restaurateurs & shopkeepers on the Innere Klosterstraße: With leaflets, beer mats, beach flags, stickers and a cultural programme, they help to spread our message. Because Chemnitz 2025 is not only about promoting culture in Chemnitz. Chemnitz 2025 stands for much more. The candidacy for the title of European Capital of Culture 2025 also stands for the social and economic development of the city and the surrounding region over the next 10 years.

The dates:

27.06. – Innere Klosterstraße

18.07. – Schlossberg

22.08. – Pelzmühle / Tierpark

04.09. – Kaßberg

05.09. – SchmidtBank-Passage

12.09. – Brühl Boulevard

03.10. – Sonnenstraße

10.10. – Chemnitz Center, Alt Chemnitz Center, Vita Center, Galerie Roter Turm, Sachsen Allee, Rabenstein Center, Gablenz Center, Yorck Center, IKEA & Globus

17.10. – Ikarus-Center & -Boulevard

Photos: Ernesto Uhlmann