<What do you think is the biggest problem that needs to be solved in our city?
Do you also have the feeling that you can’t have any say in the decision making process? Do you think that your opinion doesn’t count? <Because the problems can only be solved if you know them.

If we win the title “European Capital of Culture 2025”, it will be THE economic stimulus package for Chemnitz. What we invest now in this victory will be paid back as profit for more than 10 years:

  • More guests mean more income for shops, gastronomy and hotels (other winning cities have additional income
    between 150 and 500 million euros).
  • <If more jobs are created, wages can rise.

  • young people stay in town. They no longer go to Dresden, Leipzig or Berlin.
    <Your street and your neighborhood remains alive and growing.

The jury that decides on the title will come to Chemnitz on 22 October. After this day, the members must be convinced that the people of Chemnitz want this title – that you want this title!

This is the only way to win against Magdeburg, Nuremberg, Hanover and Hildesheim. It’s all about solving our problems. It’s about what each of us can achieve on our own and how strong we are together. It is about your future and that of your family. >> And that can only be done with you.>/strongly>

That’s why we ask “Strong.