As a start into the week we welcomed the Saxon Minister-President. Visiting our office Michael Kretschmer congratulated our team personally for reaching the second round of the application and thanked them for their dedication. „Together you have achieved something great“, he said. The application was not only an enrichment for Chemnitz but for Saxony, too. At the same time he assured the team that the newly elected state government will keep the promises: „Within the next few days and weeks we will provide 600,000 Euro of the state budget for the candidacy but you decide for which projects you are going to use it.“ About those projects and proposals the Minister-President talked with mayor Barbara Ludwig and project manager Ferenc Csák. He informed himself about the current state of the application and its contents. Which position would Chemnitz like to take up in the European unification process and how does the city like to debate the pressing questions of our time? The programme development is in progress and the state government is going to actively support Chemnitz. And when the title is won – „which we assume“, Kretschmer adds – the Free State of Saxony will assist the city by investing 20 million Euro.

Photo: Kristin Schmidt