Chemnitz is the European Capital of Culture 2025. The approach of the “Macher:innen” in application convinced the international jury. An approach that is also behind the micro-project funding, which has already made over 60 creative projects of citizens possible since the application process began. Now another seven projects are to be added. All of them have contributed and continue to contribute to making city life a little more colourful, promoting community, dealing with social issues or trying out new formats.

A total of 21 ideas have been submitted during this funding period. The jury of the Chemnitz2025 Programme Council decided on seven projects to be funded jointly with Klub 2025, a business initiative to support the application.


to be promoted:

goal wall of the Tennis Club Siegmar e. V.

The club wants to renew its goal ball wall and use the opportunity to make it an eye-catcher with a Chemnitz motif. The design is being sponsored.

the carpooling bench – encounter, mobility and art object

The idea of a carpooling bench is not new and has already been implemented several times in Germany and other European countries. Anyone who takes a seat and waits on it signals that they are looking for a free car-sharing service.

artist cube

The mini shop window gallery wants to show changing works by artists. A platform for the creative people to show their works is to be offered, at the same time passers-by are invited to stay and discover.

school project “Bunte Luise”

The project wants to encourage students to actively participate in shaping their living environment. The renaturation of the area around the school, which also aims to improve the biodiversity of bees and butterflies, is an issue of ecological sustainability. An independently planned and implemented project by pupils makes it possible to experience democratic growing up and co-determination. And with a gallery or a colourful school wall, in which artists and pupils work together, the Colourful School becomes a reality.

traces – Şopên – ίχνη

An ideas competition is to creatively sound out how the stories of the victims of the NSU can be told and anchored in Chemnitz as well, as a reminder for the future. The aim is to create artistic interventions in the urban space that promote an examination of the crimes of the NSU and the consequences of racism and right-wing terror and perpetuate the memory of the victims. The ideas competition is organised by the project “Open Process” of the ASA-FF e.V.


It’s about comics. A four-part three-day comic workshop is planned at the Weltecho, comparable to the beginning of a pen friendship. This is intended to create a lively relationship between draughtsmen and women from Chemnitz and France, which will eventually lead to an exhibition: in the Borssenanger Gallery in Chemnitz and in MOTOCO in Mulhouse.

woman for woman

Women from art and culture of the last centuries are moving into the limelight, including those who, as (married) wives of “great” famous Chemnitz men, made the success of men possible in the first place. The result is a series of photographs that place today’s women in a historical context.