Once again, we were able to win KLUB2025 as a partner, which will sponsor two of six “Nimm Platz!” projects.

The following projects received the most votes:

Source of Culture
in Grüna

From Easter fountains to harvest crowns – the bubbling stone on Grüna’s Hexenberg is to be decorated in future.

Making music and
lounging in the inner courtyard

of the Chemnitz Municipal Music School

The inner courtyard of the music school is not only to be transformed into an outdoor concert venue, but also to become a new playground for the children of the music school and the neighbourhood with play elements.

Attention construction site!
A quiet zone is being created here in the middle of Gablenz!

A new quiet zone will soon be created in front of the Gablenz primary school. With seating platforms and a book exchange cabinet as well as a raised bed and a bee vending machine, there will be plenty to discover.

– mobile open space furniture for Chemnitz

Why upgrade only one square at a time when you can also beautify several squares for a limited period of time? Soon, robust, original, multifunctional open-space furniture will first enhance the station forecourt and then move on to other squares in the city.

Culture in nature.
A new resting place in the south-east of Chemnitz

A new rest area between Kleinolbersdorf and Altenhain will invite people to take a seat and pause in the future. Picture-window frames will also invite visitors to take a look at nature and the surrounding sights.

platz Chemnitz Basketball halter
– Trash Cans

More fun with waste separation? With small basketball hoops on public rubbish bins, not only should the desire to recycle increase, but our city’s love for basketball should also be expressed.

Group photo: Vincenzo Peger