We were invited to Wrocław, the European Capital of Culture 2016. A team from Wrocław 2016, now under the name of Culture Zone Wrocław, is continuing to build on the momentum generated by the bid process and the successes of the year-long programme. Alongside their close ties to many other former and prospective European Capitals of Culture, the team also works to support ECoC candidate cities and has announced a residency as part of this activity. We were invited to apply and Eva Gräfer from our bid team, Diana Kopka from Kunstsammlungen Chemnitz and Henrike Schmitz from Klub Solitaer subsequently travelled to Wrocław to attend a series of exciting meetings. The exchange focused both on networking and learning opportunities, including insights into what Wrocław did to put its ECoC process on a sustainable footing, how the AIR Wro artist-in-residence scheme was developed and continues to run today and how urban projects were successfully given an international twist. Our small delegation visited the Wro Art Center at the renowned WRO Media Art Biennale forum, the OP ENHEIM collection and ART Transparent, a contemporary art gallery which organises the international SURVIVAL art festival.

At the end of the trip, we arranged another collaborative residency for Chemnitz artists next year and invited the AIR Wro team to Chemnitz.

We are looking forward to seeing our Wrocław friends again.