“WE PARAPOM! – Collective European Parade of Apple Trees” is one of the first projects from the Capital of Culture programme to be implemented.

What is it about? Until 2025, a parade of apple trees is to be created across the city and across property boundaries. Up to 4000 trees of 2000 different European species will be planted in Chemnitz.

Who is involved? All interested citizens, institutions, associations and organisations are invited to become sponsors of the apple trees. They are then responsible for the care of the trees and open their grounds once a month for a chat with visitors and neighbours, and small cultural events such as concerts and readings can also be organised.

Artists from different countries will build an art path called “WE PARAPOM!” that runs parallel to the parade of apple trees. In this way
In this way, the apple trees will break down the boundaries between properties and overcome social borders.

The first artists will come to Chemnitz in autumn 2021 and realise their first projects.

The focus will be on questions of how art can activate new and lost qualities in our everyday lives, which are characterised by the pressure for efficiency, and thus become effective in social processes.

The programme is curated by the Austrian artist Barbara Holub. Expertise will also be provided by EUROPOM, the network of European apple lovers.

What does it mean to be a patron of “WE PARAPOM!”?

“WE PARAPOM!” invites all interested parties to take responsibility for planting and/or caring for one or more apple trees. The help of experts is assured.