We’ve done it. We’ve submitted our bid book to the Cultural Foundation of the German Federal States, which is running the national selection process for European Capital of Culture 2025 in Germany. Now jury members will get copies of the applications from all German candidate cities – and as they consider them, we’ll be preparing to present our application in person on 10th December in Berlin.

But in the meantime, we wanted to recommend that anyone interested in Chemnitz2025 reads the bid book.

Because to apply for the title of European Capital of Culture 2025, you have to produce a book – at 60 pages and 40 questions long, not an easy task. In it, every city has to describe its strengths and weaknesses, the concept behind the application, the focus of its artistic programme, the budget, existing structures and key projects – but above all, how the city wants to contribute to creating strong links with Europe.

The book was created with the European jury in mind, but we wanted to make sure all our supporters, fellow campaigners, creative minds, and everyone cheering for us gets to see it.

Click here to view the online version: