What is it? What’s the point of it? What are the benefits? – There are so many questions about the application to become Capital of Culture that 36 magazine pages have been devoted to answering them.

Project leader Ferenc Csák, for example, explains why Chemnitz is in such a good position to see off the competition, even major cities such as Dresden. Meanwhile, key players from previous European capitals of culture describe what winning has done for their cities. And of course we also have a short review of a year that has been full of successful microproject funding in Chemnitz. 25 of the city’s movers and shakers also have their say on what they expect from the application process. Plus, we list the many good reasons why it’s well worth embarking on a voyage of discovery around the recently founded cultural region of Chemnitz. And finally, we introduce all the volunteers plugging away behind the scenes, and the official Capital of Culture team itself. This magazine is also launching a fantastic new project designed to get the people of the city on board, a project that aims to turn old spaces and disused areas in residential districts into new places to get together.

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