The artist

<Raimund Friedrich was born in Chemnitz in 1947. He studied at the University of Art and Design in Halle, Burg Giebichenstein and has made study trips to the USA and within Europe. After being a stage designer at the Stadthalle Karl-Marx-Stadt from 1975 to 1978, he started working as a freelance painter and graphic artist. Since 1991 he has spent several months each year in Saeby, Denmark, where his art is shown every year. Raimund Friedrich has organized about 120 national and international solo exhibitions, for example in Düsseldorf, Cracow, Paris, New York and of course in Chemnitz. He is member of the Kunstverein Laterne, Kunst für Chemnitz and the Chemnitzer Künstlerbund.


1998 until 2002: The music project
2016 to 2018: The refugee project

The Work of Art

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