Chemnitz 2025 is not only about the promotion of culture in Chemnitz. Chemnitz 2025 stands for much more. The candidacy for the title European Capital of Culture 2025 also stands for the social and economic development of the city and the surrounding region over the next 10 years.

It is very important that all entrepreneurs support this application. This is why we have created the Cultural Capital Road as a start and example. With leaflets, beer mats, beach flags, stickers and much more, entrepreneurs can help us spread the message. It also shows that they are behind us and love their homeland.

As of today we have the first Chemnitz 2025 Cultural Main Street! Together with the restaurateurs and shop owners we have designed the Innere Klosterstraße. André Gruhle from Hans im Glück and Sven Hertwig, location coordinator of the Rathaus Passagen, explain in the video why they are involved. Take part: Your street is next!