Small creative projects from the city’s society are intended to spur Chemnitz’ application for the European Capital of Culture 2025. The plan is working. While 26 project ideas were submitted in the first application period, the number of ideas in the second round was almost 60.

The jury has now selected eleven projects which will be funded with a total amount of approximately 18,500 euros. And that is what they are:


Musical park walk>/strong>

<"The Chemnitz Parish Choir

On June 30, 2018, the Hutholz Choir again invites singers from Chemnitz to take a walk through the city park. Singing together, they walk along the park paths, over flower meadows and playgrounds and everywhere the choir singing enlivens the park situation.

(Photo: Hutholz-Chor Chemnitz e.V.)


Afro Percussion Festival Chemnitz

drumming school Djembekunst

On September 8th, Brühl is experiencing a travelling drum and percussion festival that attracts drum enthusiasts from all over Saxony. Between 4 and 10 pm young and old are therefore invited to experience this intercultural day by hearing, seeing, feeling and tasting.


<Cosmofolk II concert series

<Revival of cultural wasteland e.V.

Folk is the popular arrangement of traditional folk music. Transcontinental migratory movements and the resulting culturally diverse urban milieus have long had an intensive influence on artistic and especially musical production. The concert series wants to eavesdrop on these multicultural transformations and at the same time sound out how the sound spectrum of acoustic instruments changes infinitely through the possibilities of the electronic. Hence the title – the connection between folk and the vastness of the cosmos. A concert project that transcends boundaries and wants to seduce the people of Chemnitz to do so.


<Home – place of longing – place of despair

Jewish community Chemnitz

The Jewish Community of Chemnitz unites many life stories of immigrants of Russian origin to Chemnitz. In this way, it is possible to tell examples of how identity and home are defined in times of global mobility and diverse migration processes. On June 10th, the community invites all interested parties to attend a lecture by Prof. Dr. Beate Mitzscherlich, Professor for Nursing Research at the West Saxon University of Applied Sciences in Zwickau, who will discuss the importance of home with guests later on.


One hundred meter summer market-2018

<brass and company literature e.V.

The district festival along Franz-Mehring-Straße connects local businesses with residents and active designers in the district on the Kaßberg. This lively neighbourhood is to take place for the second time in summer this year, probably on 18 August, following the successful winter edition.


<One Nation under a Groove

<Club Solitaer e.V.

The concert series in the "Lokomov" brings exciting bands from different countries in Europe, Asia and Africa to Chemnitz, in order to present above all unknown music scenes from all over the world and thus arouse the curiosity for relatively unexplored sound terrain.


Panta Rhei – Everything in the river

Water and especially canoeing enthusiasts

Experienced canoeists from Chemnitz and Niederwiesa will test this year in an audience-effective way to what extent the 16-kilometre stretch of the Chemnitz between the confluence of the Zwönitz and Würschnitz rivers to Draisdorf is suitable for navigation. The aim is to establish a small regatta on a regular basis for the following years in order to raise awareness of the river in Chemnitz and to spark a discussion about the potential of this water vein.


<Strong. Picnic 2025. Strong.

<Friends of Chemnitz 2025 e.V.

The circle of friends of the Capital of Culture application invites all Chemnitz residents to a picnic together to chat about the goals for 2025. After picnics at the Karl-Marx-Kopf, the Allee des Lichts and on Stefan-Heym-Platz, there will be appointments at a garden club in Gablenz and on the banks of the Chemnitz or Theaterplatz. A broad citizen participation in the application process is to be initiated.


Chemnitz 2025 Tram tours

<Friends of Chemnitz 2025 e.V.

Members of the circle of friends get into conversation with people from Chemnitz – during their journey to work. They will actively invite dialogue in public transport, both on urban tram lines and on routes of the Chemnitz model between Stollberg and Mittweida, Burgstädt and Hainichen, in order to also promote the joint application as a cultural region.


dancing in the dark>/strong>

<Dew point

From 17 to 21 September there will be a workshop with the team of the Czech dance teacher Katerina Eva Lanci and 15 students from the State School for the Blind and Visually Impaired, who will seek to explore and artistically process their own bodies during these five days. In addition, two dance teachers from Chemnitz will also use the workshop as a further training opportunity to apply the experiences themselves in the city.


viaduct and railway arch>/strong>

Stephan Weingart

The citizens of Chemnitz have successfully fought to preserve the viaduct. Now a photo exhibition with a dialogical lecture is to draw attention to the beauty of its construction and the four other listed bridges at the Chemnitz railway arch, in order to meet these witnesses of our everyday culture with more respect.