Meeting of all cultural ambassadors for the bid as Cultural Capital at the Tietz Centre

The Cultural Capital Secretariat has received over 50 applications as cultural ambassadors from people keen to sit on the programme council and to help prepare the bid as Cultural Capital.

In its last meeting, the steering group tasked with strategic control of the bid decided that all applicants should be recruited as cultural ambassadors for the Cultural Capital project.

The large number of applications received, and the warm reception of the project »Chemnitz 2025 – European Cultural Capital«, are overwhelming. All of the applications are brimming with ideas. It’s indicative of the applicants’ courage and determination to ensure that Chemnitz is named European Cultural Capital.

An initial meeting of all cultural ambassadors was held last Monday in the Tietz Centre to discuss how to proceed along a shared journey toward becoming European Cultural Capital. The meeting was attended by over 30 cultural ambassadors, who presented the first projects and ideas.

Egmont Elscher, member of the steering group and chairman of the advisory council for culture in the city of Chemnitz, was given the task of organising the participation by so many cultural ambassadors. He joined with other charter members to found Freundeskreis Chemnitz 2025 e. V. i. G. A not-for-profit organisation, the Freundeskreis – the ‘circle of friends’ – will organise projects and events to support Chemnitz’s bid as European Cultural Capital.

For information about Freundeskreis Chemnitz 2025 e. V. i. G., kindly contact:

Egmont Elschner

Telephone: +49 172 3711363.