Chemnitz wants to become »European Cultural Capital« in 2025. The steering group for strategic control of the bid was founded on 1 March 2017. Chairing the group, Lord Mayor Barbara Ludwig welcomed the committee on the occasion of its inaugural meeting:

»The bid as Cultural Capital is the most ambitious project in our city’s recent history. The steering group carries the responsibility of preparing the content and strategy of Chemnitz’s bid. For the city itself, the bid is an outstanding opportunity to be seen for what we are: a city of change whose citizens have repeatedly reached into themselves to find the strength to overcome difficult phases, to improve, to develop fresh ideas and to create new things.«

The city council adopted the resolution to found the steering group in its meeting of 8 February 2017. The steering group is responsible for the strategic focus of the bid. Its task is to recognise opportunities and risks in the bidding process, to prevent wrong developments and to make full use of the potential found in the city of Chemnitz in the interests of sustainable urban development and in preparation for the bid.

The defined objective of the steering group’s work is to present a resolution for confirmation of the bid strategy and book by the Chemnitz city council in spring 2019. The steering group will make every effort to incorporate the ideas and needs of the city’s citizens in the bidding process.

For this purpose, the steering group laid the foundation in its first meeting by adopting a resolution to advertise positions for five cultural ambassadors to sit on the programme council. The cultural ambassadors will be residents of Chemnitz from all generations. Their participation will ensure that citizens of the city will contribute to the Cultural Capital programme and will be able to influence the bidding process.

In preparing the bid, the steering committee will keep attention focused on the project’s European dimension and will join with the future programme council and associated stakeholders from all areas of the city’s society to develop solutions that can shine like beacons for other urban centres in Europe.

The full members of the steering group, appointed by the city council, are:

  • Lord Mayor Barbara Ludwig, chair of the steering committee,
  • Ferenc Csák, head of the City Culture Department and in charge of the Cultural Capital project,
  • Dietmar Berger, Almut Patt, Dr Alexander Haentjens and Ulf Kallscheidt as representatives of the city council,
  • Katja Uhlemann, director of the Lord Mayor’s Office,
  • Börries Butenop, director of the Urban Planning Office,
  • Sören Uhle, managing director of Chemnitzer Wirtschafts- und Entwicklungsgesellschaft mbH,
  • Dr Christoph Dittrich, director Städtische Theater Chemnitz gGmbH,
  • Egmont Elschner, chairman of the advisory council for culture in the city of Chemnitz,
  • Professor Gerd Strohmeier, dean of the Chemnitz University of Applied Sciences,
  • Gunnar Bertram, president of the regional assembly of the Chemnitz Chamber of Industry and Commerce,
  • Dr Micaela Schönherr, president NINERS Chemnitz e. V. as representative of amateur sport and
  • Lisa Lotze from the festival »ArschKreativ« as representative of the younger generation.