From old tram depot to European cultural campus.

The former CVAG depot on Zwickauer Straße in the Chemnitz district of Kappel offers a lot of undiscovered design potential. The entire area is being developed into a central cultural location as part of the European Capital of Culture 2025. This will of course be done in cooperation with the main owner of the site, CVAG, and the museums already located there, the Tram Museum and Clock Museum. The neighbouring residents, various interest groups and interested Chemnitz citizens are also cordially invited to take part. This listed building complex, known as the Garage Campus, is intended to achieve sustainable local and regional significance and become a place with supra-regional and European appeal.

What is already happening.

Currently and until November 2021, the conception phase is underway with the aim of expanding the existing uses with further ideas and approaches and describing them in terms of an overall strategic orientation for the area. The city of Chemnitz has entrusted the management of this process and the formulation of the overall result to the non-profit consultancy Age of Artists.

What remains.

The main objective of the concept to be developed for the Garage Campus is to work out detailed utilisation scenarios that will enable a sustainable and lasting revitalisation of the entire area, even beyond the Capital of Culture year 2025. Through the conversion and further development of the existing architectural and spatial situations, a long-term significant cultural location for the neighbourhood, the city, the region and Europe is to be created.

The first ideas are already there.

For example, the main themes of education, nutrition, mobility and digitality could play an important role alongside the existing museum uses. The area should invite all age groups to linger and participate in permanent offers and events.

We look forward to your ideas, impulses and inspirations.

Feel free to approach us!

Contact person: Tina Winkel

The Ideas Stop is open!

Visit us on site in August and September 2021.

We will be there for you every Thursday from 16:00 – 19:00.

Location: Garagen-Campus Chemnitz

Zwickauer Straße 164

09116 Chemnitz