The Cultural Capital Secretariat received over 50 applications, from which it selected five citizens of Chemnitz as cultural ambassadors to sit on the programme council for the cultural capital bidding procedure.

The programme council is responsible for contributing the creative work to the bid. It develops a concept for the Cultural Capital and collects ideas and proposals for this purpose. It is advised in its work by international experts. The tasks of the cultural ambassadors on the programme council will be to define the content of the bid.

The cultural ambassadors will discuss ideas from the programme council among their friends and family and, in return, will introduce ideas from civic society into the deliberations of the programme council. The concept that Chemnitz will use to apply for the title should be authentic, suit the city and produce lasting effects.

Chemnitz wants to use this concept to demonstrate what makes the city special as a part of Europe. In this regard, culture is a broadly defined notion that extends beyond merely the artistic spheres to encompass all areas of society, including sport, social concerns, urban gardening and science.

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