What is the Volunteers Programme?

The English term volunteer is commonly used in connection with athletics championships or football tournaments. Volunteers are involved in the organisation and running of the competitions according to their personal interests and skills.

Of course, there are no competitions in the Capital of Culture, but there are plenty of projects to get involved in. The help of committed citizens from Chemnitz and the cultural region is important for the success of the Capital of Culture.

  • Get involved by actively participating and helping at numerous events and become an ambassador: of a great project with a European dimension.
  • Welcome people from all over Europe and give them the opportunity to experience unforgettable moments in Chemnitz.
  • Discover what goes on behind the scenes of the Capital of Culture.
  • Take advantage of this unique opportunity to become part of the volunteer community and help shape the image of your city in Europe.
  • Meet new people and cultures with different interests.
  • Share important experiences, contribute your skills and learn new things.
  • Help and have fun.
  • We are looking for a wide range of profiles and skills. Anyone aged 18 or over can take part.

2023 – Start-up phase

  • Trying things out in the first projects
  • Be a volunteer in the first hour and become a volunteer expert.
  • Set up a database system
  • Create a network of coordinators
  • Help shape the programme and campaigns

2024 – Expansion phase

  • Many projects move from paper to reality – Many concrete tasks – Build a pool of volunteers
  • Build teams of experienced volunteers and new volunteers
  • Training, exchanges and a feel-good atmosphere

2025 – Main phase

  • Opening and joint implementation of the European City of Culture
    It is your city.
    It is your region.
    It is in your hands.

Friendship, respect, tolerance, solidarity and responsibility are the core values we believe in and which all Chemnitz2025 volunteers stand for.

Choose where and when you would like to get involved by contacting Dirk Zinner via volunteer@chemnitz2025.de. The colourful world of the Capital of Culture offers you the following opportunities to get involved.

  • Meetings and conferences
  • Exhibitions
  • Creating content for our social media channels, our website and other platforms
  • Taking part in promotional activities or support our information stands
  • Production support
  • Sporting events
  • Dance and music projects
  • Photo/video, design
  • Journalism projects
  • Logistics/support teams for artistic events
  • and much more.

As a volunteer, you will receive free training, equipment, meals during your assignment, a volunteer certificate and much more. The opportunities to get involved are numerous and growing.

There is also the unique opportunity to work on small projects in solidarity with other registered volunteers: Yoga in the backyard, early morning sports in the market square or spontaneous concerts in the stairwell – these are just a few of the ideas that can be realised through the volunteers programme.

How do you become part of the volunteer programme?

Register in our database. Afterwards, you will receive an email with more information.

Already registered? 

Register in our database to get an up-to-date overview of all volunteer opportunities.

Are there any further questions?

Contact Dirk Zinner, Volunteers Programme Coordinator, via volunteer@chemnitz2025.de.