Chemnitz sets its sights on winning European Capital of Culture 2025.

And why not? We’ve got what it takes.

A bold claim like this naturally spurs us on to launch a tangible new beginning in Chemnitz. A new dawn that brings the city’s culture to the forefront –

the rhythm of the night

the many ways people come together in the city and throughout the region

the idyllic life on the banks of the Chemnitz

the towns and villages where history comes alive and the future is born

the open spaces where creative minds from all over the world can fulfil their potential

the hidden beauty

In short, everything that makes the city even more worth living in, everything that makes Chemnitz residents proud of where they live, and where people have open discussions about the challenges facing Europe – where harmonious regional coexistence protects the values that unite the continent.

Of course, this isn’t an easy task, but when did Chemnitz ever have it easy?

The Capital of Culture application aims to reveal the city’s full potential. And to do so, we need to harness our creative energy and generate the power to make lasting changes in our city.

So what is still feasible in a city…

… that carries the pride of older generations with it into the future – even though at first glance it may seem as pointless as the plan of Viadukt e.V., founded in 2014, to prevent Deutsche Bahn AG from demolishing the viaduct on Annaberger Straße. But dedication and persistence paid off as the citizens’ movement gathered pace and ultimately forced the corporation to change its mind.

… that ensures that its love of design certainly doesn’t go unnoticed – even if it takes the form of a crazy idea like a brightly coloured chimney stack, covered in colour by none other than French artist Daniel Buren. Famous for his large-scale projects, Buren’s design initially met with a muted response. But after some intense discussion on the subject, Saxony’s tallest work of art has become a beloved symbol of the city.

…. that provides plenty of space for cultural variety – even if it’s only temporary, like for IBUG, the international festival for urban art. Public feedback in the cultural region of Chemnitz proves how delighted people are by the idea of transforming virtually forgotten brownfield sites into exciting new venues by means of artistic intervention.

Our current campaign tackles these questions and shouts it from the billboards:

Chemnitz has got what it takes to become European Capital of Culture 2025.

This is no baseless claim to bolster morale; on the contrary, it aims to helps us to acknowledge that every story starts with a crazy, challenging idea ‒ and that this one ends with the people of Chemnitz making something amazing out of it.

We would love to see these messages up for all to see in canteens or display windows, on pin boards or in meeting rooms; wherever there is space.

Download them here now:

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