Together with citizens of the city we will sow flower seeds in a large area. The aim is to create the basis for colourful flowering meadows in various parts of the city in the coming days: to the delight of the residents, for sustainable urban development, as a joint action for a Chemnitz worth living in.

Among others, representatives of the Saatgutgarten Nachhall e.V. vom Sonnenberg, who provided part of the seeds, will be present.

Together with the city’s green space office, the GGG and the six housing cooperatives, 10,000 square metres of green space have been proposed in the districts to create flowering meadows. This is already a reaction to topics from the ongoing citizen survey for problems, which the city absolutely must solve by 2025. In many cases, catchwords such as “green city”, “flourishing city”, “edible city” have been used – topics that are linked to the desire to use the city’s green spaces creatively.

The Blühwiesen project is being supervised and evaluated by the Umweltzentrum Chemnitz/strong, which is currently participating in the federal programme “Naturstadt – Kommunen schaffen Vielfalt” with a project outline for the promotion of nature in the city.

Fotos: Ernesto Uhlmann