The title of European Capital of Culture generates curiosity and will attract many guests to Chemnitz and the surrounding region. Chemnitz 2025 will therefore be promoted by the tourism associations as one of the central themes at a large number of national trade fairs in 2024. In January, both the Chemnitz.Zwickau.Region tourism association (Tourismusverband Chemnitz.Zwickau.Region) and the Erzgebirge tourism association (Tourismusverband Erzgebirge) will be represented at the world’s largest public trade fair for tourism and leisure in Stuttgart.

As a tourist highlight, they have a preview of the program of the European Capital of Culture Chemnitz 2025. The tourism partner organizations, including Tourismus Marketing Gesellschaft Sachsen and the German National Tourist Board (Deutsche Zentrale für Tourismus), will also be inviting visitors to the European Capital of Culture Chemnitz 2025 at the Internationalen Grünen Woche (International Green Week) and the ITB in Berlin. Around 2 million visitors are expected in Chemnitz and the Capital of Culture region in the title year, many of them day visitors from the surrounding area.

Fotos: Frizzi Seltmann