Together with citizens of our city, we started to sowing flower meadows today at the Konkordiapark. Our goal is to turn a total of 10.000 square meters of lawn into colourful and flowery meadows all over the city. Why do we do this?

To spark joy among the people of our city, for a sustainable urban development and as a community action for a Chemnitz, which is worth living in. In the next  days, we will tackle further areas, located throughout the city and in accordance with the wishes of many citizens.

The lawns were not only provided by the municipality of the City of Chemnitz, but also by the communal housing society, GGG, and the six housing corporations. When it came to the selection of seeds, the project got great support by a local initiative, Chemnitzer Saatgutgarten Nachhall e.V., which provided a special and unique mixture of seed, so-called “Chemnitzer Saatgut”.

This project gets professional support and is being evaluated by the local Centre for Environment, Chemnitzer Umweltzentrum. They are currently participating in a federal programme, “Naturstadt – Kommunen schaffen Vielfalt” (Nature City – Municipalities Create Diversity), with a project schedule to promote nature in the city.

Photos & Video: Ernesto Uhlmann