At the beginning of December 2023, two volunteers set off for Timișoara, Romania, together with Dirk Zinner, the coordinator of the Chemnitz 2025 volunteer program, to accompany the closing celebrations of the European Capital of Culture 2023. Leonore and Jörg are part of the so-called basic team of volunteers. They are gaining experience in the preparation process so that they can pass this on to new volunteers in the coming months. The assignment in Timisoara was a special experience for all of them.

The volunteer program of the European Capital of Culture Chemnitz 2025 is an opportunity to get directly involved in the diverse activities for Chemnitz 2025. The commitment of many dedicated citizens from Chemnitz and the Capital of Culture region is important because they support this unique project as ambassadors. Over 100 volunteers are already active. This is the so-called basic team, with whose help many hundreds more interested people will be integrated into the volunteer program from summer 2024.

Photos: Chemnitz 2025 GmbH