How can you heat up food with two cans of food and a little hay or create a new carabiner from small plastic parts? Visitors were able to learn this and more on the afternoon of 25.11.2023 together with the team from #3000Garagen, a main project of Chemnitz 2025, and the scouts.

In collaboration with the “King Scouts” of the Luthergemeinde Chemnitz, the #3000Garagen project team organized a workshop afternoon in the garage courtyard and on the grounds of the scouts in Chemnitz.

The skills and knowledge from garages revolve around repair, recycling, upcycling and sustainability. Following these principles, children, young people and interested adults were able to make a hobo stove out of cans or tie knots for every situation in life under the guidance of the King Scouts scouts. Johannplasto also showed how packaging plastic can be recycled to make practical carabiners or rulers. In the Sippenhaus, you could visit a small scout exhibition or make bread on a stick at the campfire with background music. In addition, tea, cake and barbecued food were enjoyed by young and old.

Despite the snow and rain, around 50 visitors came along, all of whom learned a lot that afternoon.

Fotos: Ernesto Uhlmann